Dear Disaster Listening Party! 

Last night the small group of us who made the album Dear Disaster got together via Zoom for an official listening party. In this session, we chat about each track and listen through the album as a whole. Hope you enjoy! :) 

Musical Entrepreneurship with Dave Roman  

In the first interview I've ever done on this channel, I have a conversation with my long-time friend and fellow entrepreneur David Roman. He runs Roman Empire Studios, where he does all kinds of audio projects for people, including mastering the tracks on my upcoming album. He's also a great musician and producer! Check out his project Femme Fragile and new single "Bitter".

(PS: there are a couple of times the camera stops going back and forth - that's because of footage malfunctions, not narcissism.) :)

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"All Your Words" Official Music Video Release 

Allysia Marie (The Criminal Kid) collaborated with Vancouver-based director James Xander, along with cinematographer Roozbeh Peykari, in a new music video that puts Vancouver in the spotlight. The romantic track All Your Words features a variety of local favorite spots, including scenes shot at Gastown, Stanley Park, and Lionsgate bridge.

You can check it out here:



Allysia wrote her upcoming album Dear Disaster in the wake of divorce. All Your Words, a short and sweet pop song, is a bright spot on an…

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“Dear Disaster” Playlist 

“Dear Disaster”, the album I recorded in 2020 which is finally on its way out the door (March 2022!), was written during a tumultuous time of my life, and this new playlist reflects that. 

I have a master notebook for everything I’ve written in the past couple of years – lyric snippets, full songs, piano scrawl – as well as a variety of cover tunes. I love writing out lyrics in my notebook by hand; it allows me to get inside the lyrics more fully, and it feels like act of love. I write down chord symbols…

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New single “Persephone” coming out next week 

Hey friends, 

My friend Rob Hillstead and I collaborated on a music video for The Criminal Kid’s upcoming track Persephone. The track – and video – is dark, symbolic, and an ode to growing older, living through pain, and coping with dissatisfaction. I’m very excited to be able to share it with you on January 14th! Do pre-save it on Spotify so you can hear it right when it’s released, and follow The Criminal Kid on YouTube so you can catch the video too. 

It’s been a decade since releasing music, such that…

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Mixes, Round 1 

About two months after leaving the studio, we received the first mixes of the album. I was thrilled, and immediately walled off a block of time to listen without interruption. My art project! I had a (rough) copy of my art project, at long last! 

I wish I could tell you that upon first listen, I felt proud of what I’d created, that I felt gusto and all of the “hell yeah” steam in the world. Mainly I just felt small. Who was I to have any business writing another album? What talent do I even have? Am I even…

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Releasing an album is a lot. 

Staring into the future of my album launch is something like standing on the edge of a cliff, looking out over a seemingly-unending seascape. I have to jump in the water, and I have to swim. It’s inevitable and it’s scary. I don’t know how far it goes; only that I can’t see the land on the other side yet. 

I’ve been a musician for as long as I can remember, and I know a little about music. I can play Beethoven and write a pop song and improvise in a room full of musician-strangers. But I don’t know anything…

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An album announcement video! 

Hey friends! 

This announcement has been a long time coming. Over the last couple of months, I've been steadily working toward recording a new album - getting all the prep work done (marketing plans, grant applications, hiring the team). And now we're nearly at the fun part: recording! 

Here's a video I just published about it. 

This video was filmed and edited by my friend Rob, who works on film sets in Vancouver, BC. He's going to be the producer of The Criminal Kid's second album (and was the producer of…

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