“Dear Disaster” Playlist

“Dear Disaster”, the album I recorded in 2020 which is finally on its way out the door (March 2022!), was written during a tumultuous time of my life, and this new playlist reflects that. 

I have a master notebook for everything I’ve written in the past couple of years – lyric snippets, full songs, piano scrawl – as well as a variety of cover tunes. I love writing out lyrics in my notebook by hand; it allows me to get inside the lyrics more fully, and it feels like act of love. I write down chord symbols and sometimes more specific performance details (or not – it’s all very random). My notebook is nearly full now, and soon it’ll be time to move on to a fresh notebook, a symbol of a new era. I’m very excited for that era when it comes – I already have an idea for the next direction. 

But before the notebook wraps up, I want to celebrate all of those cover songs I’ve loved during this process. These songs bear similarities in vibe and tone to the album I’ve written, and have been heavily inspirational throughout the process. Some of these songs I’ve learned to play in full, and others I’ve just dabbled with, but they’ve all been just as much a part of the story of my album as the songs I wrote myself. 

I hope you enjoy this (rather sad) playlist – hearing these tracks gives me deep nostalgia and potent memories of the past couple of years. The magic of music.