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The Criminal Kid

The Criminal Kid is a project driven by Allysia Marie from Regina, Saskatchewan. It’s an alt-rock project that refuses to stay in a genre box, exploring a variety of sounds and moods, a sound described as “pop, rock, dark and fun all at the same time” (SPUN music).

The intimate track Persephone, and forthcoming album Dear Disaster, was born from adulthood complacency, dissatisfaction and divorce. It’s an emotive reflection on growing up and shedding the youthful buoyancy present in The Criminal Kid’s 2011 debut album, These Blue Walls are Faking Freedom. The track is darker and subtler than TCK’s previous release, with echoes of A Perfect Circle’s weightiness and Fiona Apple’s pop instincts. Persephone mourns the loss of the youthful self, and yearns for the destruction and creation of a new beginning.

Rob Hillstead, a long-time collaborator of The Criminal Kid’s, filmed, directed and produced the video for Persephone. The shots feel melancholic and haunted, telling a symbolic story that moves from complacency, to despair, and finally to acceptance. It’s filled with slow, wide shots, giving the story a cinematic feel.


Regina Leader-Post:

COVID comeback: The Criminal Kid is returning after a 10-year hiatus. The COVID-19 pandemic turned out to be a perfect time for Regina singer/songwriter Allysia Van Betuw to release her first music in a decade. Continue feature —


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More information:

Allysia also runs PianoTV, a popular YouTube channel dedicated to teaching piano. This channel has 128,000 subscribers and has been watched millions of times. In her upcoming album Dear Disaster, she has made a point to incorporate piano into every single song, spanning most or all of each song.

You can contact Allysia here.

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