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Allysia Marie

About The Criminal Kid

The Criminal Kid is a project driven by Allysia Marie from Regina, Saskatchewan. It’s an alt-rock ensemble that refuses to stay in a genre box, exploring a variety of sounds and moods, a sound described as “pop, rock, dark and fun all at the same time” (SPUN music).

The Criminal Kid’s first album, These Blue Walls are Faking Freedom, is a youthful, high-energy grunge-tipped album released in 2012. After a long bout of traveling and living in cities from Austin to Toronto, Allysia settled back in the prairies to record her sophomore album, due for release in early 2022.

What others have to say:

“Gorgeous and poetic lyrics that are often resplendent, graceful, and tragic all at once, [a] vast ocean of harmonies, and a cascading waterfall of drums.” -Uri Eduardo, Toronto Rhapcity

“That band you never knew but saw at a festival like the 90’s Canadian touring Edgefest and were blown away.” – SPUN music

“With hard-hitting guitars, up-tempo drum beats and catchy, soaring vocals, The Criminal Kid is a band you should be sure to check out. Their dark pop-rock style of music is infectious, hitting you with songs that will make you dance and warm your heart.” (Verb Regina)

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