Mixes, Round 1

About two months after leaving the studio, we received the first mixes of the album. I was thrilled, and immediately walled off a block of time to listen without interruption. My art project! I had a (rough) copy of my art project, at long last! I wish I could tell you that upon first listen, […]

To move, or not to move?

I’ve been thinking about moving. This isn’t a new thought. I’ve moved many times over the years, most notably to Austin and Toronto. I love living in big cities; Toronto is in my Top 5 favorite places on the planet. Despite the cost of living and the traffic, I treasured my time there and have […]

Releasing an album is a lot.

Staring into the future of my album launch is something like standing on the edge of a cliff, looking out over a seemingly-unending seascape. I have to jump in the water, and I have to swim. It’s inevitable and it’s scary. I don’t know how far it goes; only that I can’t see the land […]

An album announcement video!

​Hey friends! This announcement has been a long time coming. Over the last couple of months, I’ve been steadily working toward recording a new album – getting all the prep work done (marketing plans, grant applications, hiring the team). And now we’re nearly at the fun part: recording! Here’s a video I just published about […]

Beginning Again.

January is the time for resolutions. I optimistically set mine just like everyone else. In January, I declared that I would make 2020 the year of “courage, songwriting and recording an album”. In the winter, this declaration felt vague. I worked toward recording demos of the piano/vocal parts of my songs and finished five. But […]